The Energy


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The absolute consciousness creates space and causes a minute compression and expansion in this space. This causes the first wave of energy, the first manipulation of matter and the first particle of nature. The particles combine with each other in different proportions, to produce other elements of nature. Energy is always present with matter, in all the processes of nature, as different forms. Therefore, the energy is the movement of primordia; particles in three rhythms. All the particles in nature are spherical in shape, because of these movements.

The energy is always represented as a wave. This is because of the movement of spherical particles. When there is a movement in the medium, the spherical particles collide with each other, thus causing a curved flow of energy. As we already know, low frequency causes the movement of bigger particles, and high frequency causes the movement of smaller particles. That is the reason, sound passes through solid objects, but it does not pass through air for a long distance. Similarly, light does not pass through solid objects, but it passes through air for quite large distances. That is because, in air placement of particles is far from each other hence it looks like it is made up of smaller particles whereas objects are made up of bigger particles as they are placed close to each other due to gravity which affects mass of the particles. But everywhere, the particles are spherical and hence the energy is always a waveform.

When light passes through small pores of an object, the resultant falling of light is observed as circular. But, during eclipses, the same falling of light is observed as different portions of a circle, which follows the pattern of the covered Sun or Moon. This indicates that the shape of the source is reflected on the objects. This happens because, the light coming from the source possesses certain amount of consciousness, which can get altered on the way. Light is made up of particles and possess certain amount of consciousness. Because energy and matter are together, light is both wave and particle. This apply to everything within the universe including universe, as everything is made up of the vibrations of primary particles only. As they are spherical in nature, wave is made up of particles.
When light is reflected by different objects in different fashions, the objects appear in different colors. Without proper light, colors in the objects are not visible. In addition to this, the objects appear in some other colors if seen in different colored lights. This indicates that the visibility of colors is essentially dependent on the incident light’s color. If we observe the spectrum of light, we find that the colors are formed in smooth transition. When sunlight appears after rain, the sunlight gets separated by the water droplets, thus forming the rainbow. In the rainbow, the color gradually changes from red to orange to yellow to green to blue to indigo to violet, each merging on the next color. If observed carefully, transition is cyclic and red color is the next transition of violet color only.

Two colors are complementary, if they form black color when mixed. Red – Green, Orange – Cyan, Golden – Magenta, Yellow – Indigo, Black – White are complementary colors of each other. In rainbow, red appears first, and violet appears last. There is distinct arrangement of complementary colors; the cut-off point is lime, with each color becoming a complement of the next color. Red, Orange, Golden and Yellow colors appear before lime; green, cyan, magenta and indigo follow. The complement of lime is violet. This property of light indicates the supreme intelligence planning all the colors as the compositions of black and while colors. The vibrations are related to each other in a cyclic way, by means of the medium. This all is happening because of the three movements of particles, in the increased frequency and in the cyclic fashion. Light is just one form of energy, as certain value of vibrations.

Any smallest or biggest task in the universe is accomplished by the utilization of energy, which is defined as capacity to do the work. Very energy is formed due to the action of consciousness upon itself. Energy can be defined as the flow of primary particles within matter, in different directions. energy is classified mainly into static and dynamic. static energy is also known as potential and dynamic energy as kinetic energy. During movement, the energy is utilized, whereas during rest, the energy is stored, as mass itself. Hence both are interlinked with each other. Potential is Shiva and Kinetic is Shakthi. Both are forms of the same consciousness, as Ardhanareeshwara. For same reason Vishnu has 4 arms, indicating the additional two arms of Laxmi.

There is systematic law of energy conversion, both in microcosm as well as in macrocosm, perfectly planned by consciousness. To understand energy apart from conventional material angle, it requires spritual angle. Different types of energy through philosophical angle...
Law of conservation - Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, but can only be transformed.
Law of mass action - Energy can be converted into mass, and mass into energy
Law of reason - Energy in dynamic form always tries to kove back to it's own source
Law of obstruction - Energy while returning to source, moves more through the path of least resistance
Law of conversion - Energy when proper path is unavailable, gets stored converted and returned in parts

In hydroelectric electric al energy is generated by means of water or steam. In this either water or steam pressure is used to run the turbine, which runs the generator. Water's mass is responsible for movement of turbine. It means potential form of energy is converted into kinetic, and then converted into mechanical energy. Inside the generator the combined effect of mechanical and magnetic energies yields electrical energy. This is distributed to all consumers. In gadgets, due to varied forms of resistances it again converted into different forms such as light, heat, rotation etc, Finally, portion of the energy goes back to source, through the return path, by means of another wire of the circuit.

It means, if water molecules do not carry mass, then energy conversion is not possible. The mass is present in all molecules due to effect of gravity, which in turn is present due to magnetic forces of attraction and repulsion. This magnetic energy is minute movement within medium, which is not empty but full of consciousness, energy and mass. Einstine indicted this by E=mc2, where E is energy, m is mass and c is speed of light, indicates speed for coversion of energy. Einstine assume light as the fastest form of energy, but it is not hence equation does not get applied. Speed of energy conversion depends on particular process and type of energy involved. We have to remember that energy and mass are together. Energy is the flow of minute particles within the medium. The medium can be solid, liquid or gas, within all pervading space. Consciousness becomes energy and matter, by means of vibrations. Hence consciousness gets stored in matter, and energy causes the manipulation of consciousness into different animate and inanimate life forms. Thus Shiva becomes Shakthi, and then Shanmukha and Ganapathi.

This process is applicable to all sensory organs, wherein all other energy forms get converted into electrical form and then potential form, to be stored. All thanmantras are caused due to vibrations of particles within the medium, in the I creasing frequencies, and hence decreasing sizes. When primordial particles move from one type of matter to another, the energy gets converted from one form to another. Thus, magnetic energy projected from outside the matter becomes electrical energy inside the matter. This apply to both non living and living beings. During energetic healing, pranab being magnetic gets absorbe by the iron in the hemoglobin, present in the blood. Hence, inside the body, energy gets converted into electrical form, and thus flows energizes the cells. Inside the cells, the same energy gets converted into chemical form, alerting the functioning of the cells. Thus the will of healer is programmed into the cells of the patient , by means of primary particles.

Same process happens during spritual act such as consecration ceremony (pranaprathisthapana), wherein particles of the particular object are programmed as per the intention of the person. That is called as sankalpa (sath+kalpa=capability of truth) or resolution. In solid particles are tightly bound, in liquid loosely bound, in air they are free flowing. Higher the frequency of energy, more is the resistance offered within the objects for transmission. Lower the frequency, the movement of energy is better. Sound travels faster in the solid objects than in the air, hence traditional spiritual ceremonies, water is chosen for cleansing, energizing and resolution. The primordial particles are nothing but storehouse of consciousness. In sacred ceremony, the conscious contents of the particles of water as well as the atmosphere are altered by the will of the performers of the ceremony. Only then, the water becomes the the..That is the real Yajna!

even though consciousness is manipulating the whole universe, it remains unperceived by the common dwellers of the world. The normal living beings are engaged only in the utilization of materialistic forms; they remain unaware of the presence of the self within them. This is because of the continuous working ofenergy between matter and consciousness, with energy being transformed into different forms. thus self concealment is called as Maya, which is due to Avidya. Maya is the result, Avidya being reason. This great illusion is happening due to vibration, with three qualities. Hence the basic divine vibration is called as Adimaya or Mahamaya. As per Shruthi, Nature is illusion. The great lord is the owner of this illusion. The world is filled by his apparatus and materials.

Matter prevailing over split, and related to it, as a substance to its quality, is called Maya. Life is born out of matter and matter is born out of divine vibration (As per Big Bang western terminology and As per Vedas Nada Bramha). This vibration is called universal mother, or as Jaganmatha. As per as aspirant remains as the slave of matters and energies, can not attain nirvikalpa samadhi. To achieve that complete cessation of thoughts is required, body should be trained for refining the senses and mind should be trained for controlling the senses, both together. Therefore all this indeed Mayajala. As per Yogavasishta, The consciousness is high, and therefore the divine energy is Chiththa. Hence all this indeed is chiththa + Stham. Everything is within it, and it gets experienced by thr beings, as an illusion of the occurrences within the dream.