The Vedic Flat Earth !!! Really ?


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Puranic geography has no flat earth or concentric spherical shells narrative, which is often pedaled by westerners and also these days by some ISKON fellows. The source of this false narrative is in the 19th century primitive translations of Vishnu Purana by H. H. Wilson, which was actually a pamphlet for christian missionaries in India to aid in their conversion mission. His 'translation' has the sketch, first time ever claimed to be in Vishnu Purana, perhaps because that is what he learned as a kid in England, studying the Greek's flat earth cosmology. The only place where this flat earth cosmology appeared is in ancoent Greece, and nowhere in any Purana or Vedas. Presenting Vishnu Purana as bunch of crap was Wilson's sole purpose. It is in; if you doubt, you may please check it yourself and compare with actual Vishnu Purana.

Actual Vishnu Purana has none of his translated garbage content. His 'translation' was 100% fraud and cookery all through. Samskrit ignorant won't see the fraud. I studied it in depth. It is surprisingly close to what current physical cosmology holds: this earth (and earths like this) going around stars, stars going around galactic centers, galaxies around the centers of galaxy clusters, and galaxy clusters around the centers of galaxy super clusters - all this together is termed a brahmaanda in the Puranas, and there are countless such groupings in this present universe. In this sense, the earths are at the base (bhootalam), and all the earths and stars make complex 3-dimensional helical motions. Parashara in Vishnu Purana refers to this as sapta-Bhaaskara-mandala as there are seven successive build-up of helical star systems. The first is the individual star like our Sun. 2nd is the galaxy, 3rd is its twin dark matter galaxy gravitationally bound to the galaxy, 4th and 5th are the galaxy cluster twins; 5th and 7th are the galaxy super cluster twins. Vishnu Purana even has names for these: Our Sun Aditya, then Mitra-Varuna pair, Dhaata-Aryama pair, and Amsha-Bhaga pair. Similar narrative is in Taittireeya Aranyaka which terms the type of celestial body motion as parivartamaanam, i.e., the paridhi (circumferential path) also rotates while the full ensemble of the Amsha-Bhaga twin pair revolves (anuvartati) around a fixed structure. This is the only deviation I read in the Puranas - each brahmaanda revolves around a fixed, motionless mahaa-meru (sathya-loka), whereas current physical cosmology model assumes that universe has no center (every spot appears as its center). Nowhere in any Purana there is any mention of flat earth or concentric celestial structures moving around this earth. The story of mistranslated work into primitive English nonsense is huge.