Jaipur Dialogues Qatar Is A State Sponsor Of Islamist Terrorism


Pranay Shome

Qatar is a state sponsor of Islamist terrorism, its role behind Hamas’ rise must be subject to close scrutiny

Even as Israel is battling Islamist terrorists of the Hamas terror organization, international public opinion has become polarized over this issue.

While the West has unequivocably pledged support for Israel, there have emerged divisions within the Arab world.

While Saudi Arabia, Syria, Oman etc have supported Hamas and Palestine. UAE and Bahrain have stood behind Israel.

However, amidst all these issues, a matter needs closer scrutiny- the role of Qatar in funding and sponsoring Islamist terrorism.

While Saudi Arabia was the epicentre of global Islamist terrorism in the 1970s and 1980s, Qatar has emerged as the sponsor of global jihad recently.

Qatar’s Role in Developing Hamas

In June 2017 Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain broke off diplomatic ties with Qatar and imposed a blockade.

One of the explicit reasons which they offered for justifying the breaking of diplomatic ties is Qatar’s support for terror organizations.

Particular among this is Hamas.

Qatar houses top leaders of the Hamas terror group, provides safe haven for these terrorists, provides funds and armed training to the Hamas terrorists.

Qatar in fact uses Hamas as a proxy force to weaken Israel in a classic case of state sponsored terrorism to weaken another country.

To this day, Qatar remains one of Hamas’s largest funders and supporters. Qatar has pledged more than $1.1 billion to Hamas since 2012.

Hamas is an extremist group with a malign influence on the Arab-Israeli conflict and an extremist agenda.

Doha has also welcomed high-profile Hamas figures, inviting senior officials such as Khaled Meshaal, the former chief of Hamas’s political wing.

Ever since, Meshaal has taken full advantage of his hosts, arranging a Hamas conference at Doha’s Four Seasons hotel and revealing the group’s new charter in the city’s Sheraton hotel.

Ultimately, Qatar has encouraged the Iranian-backed group to operate with impunity.

Sanatanis-Beware of Qatar!

This message is to all Sanatanis that it is imperative that you, the common people, beware of Qatar.

This Gulf country is hosts Zakir Naik, the preacher who spews venom against Sanatan Dharma and Bharat.

They literally rolled out the red carpet for Naik.

On the other hand Qatar owns Al Jazeera which speaks ill of Bharat and peddles anti-Hindu narrative almost non-stop.

It is imperative that Sanatanis beware of Qatar.

Therefore there is little doubt regarding the fact that Qatar is a state sponsor of Islamist terrorism, particularly Hamas.

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