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अम्बा कुप्यति तात मूर्ध्नि विधृता गङ्गेयमुत्सृज्य ताम्
विद्वन् षण्मुख सन्ततम् मयि रता तस्याः गतिः का वद |
कोपाटोपवशाद् विवृद्धवदनः प्रत्युत्तरम् दत्तवान्
अम्बोधिर्जलधिर्पयोधिरुधधिर् वारांनिधिर्वारिधिः ||​

This shloka reveals the grandeur of Sanskrit language through the immense wealth of wisdom filled within each word of it. The richness of the language is evident from the number of synonyms a word has, wherein each synonym has its own purpose.
It's a fact that, in Sanskrit, there is no such thing as a definition for a word; but, rather a word for a definition. Any particular word has its definition hidden within its own self, sometimes conveying deeper meaning than seems to be.
Apparaently, this shloka too is part of a Samasya Pooranam, in which six synonyms of ocean are given as the last/problem line. These six words are actually derivatives of the synonyms of water, for eg., जल is water, and adding धि to it, it becomes reservoir of water. Likewise, adding ज to it, जलज means lotus; and adding द, जलद means water-giver (cloud).
The poets cleverly exhibits his knowledge of the Puranas along with his intellect, by showing a conversation between Lord Shiva and his son, Lord Kartik. The poet also skillfully makes use of the Śārdūlavikrīḍitam (शार्दूलविक्रीडितम्) meter.

तात, अम्बा कुप्यति "O Father, mother is angry,"
मूर्ध्नि विधृता गङ्गा इयम्, उत्सृज्य ताम् "Throw away the Ganga who is held atop your head (due to whom mother is angry)."
विद्वन् षण्मुख "O my learned six-headed,"
सन्ततम् मयि रता "The one who stays on me continuously,"
तस्याः गतिः का वद "Tell me, where will she go?" (literally, what will be her pace; but as usual, the figurative meaning is sensible)
कोप-आटोप-वशाद् विवृद्ध-वदनः The one whose face was swelled by anger and pride (Lord Kartik)
प्रत्युत्तरम् दत्तवान् gave a back-answer,
अम्बोधिर्जलधिर्पयोधिरुधधिर् वारांनिधिर्वारिधिः "Ambodhi Jaladhi Payodhi Udhadhi Varamnidhi Varidhi!!!" (Six words through six mouths conveying same meaning - to the ocean!)​



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